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Listener Support


o    Alert friends, fellow workers, students, and relatives to important upcoming guests and topics
      by visiting the schedule of this month's Sunday Night national broadcasts and by visiting the broadcast
      station log.

o    Listen to weekly, live Issues, Etc. broadcasts via the internet Monday to Friday from 3 to 6 p.m.
      central standard time (the first two hours of Friday's program are a repeat of the previous Sunday).

o    Listen anytime to taped Issues, Etc. broadcasts via the internet.

o    Check out past Sunday Night national broadcasts.

o    Participate in live Issues, Etc. programs by calling 1-800-730-2727.

o    Your comments and questions during the broadcasts are most appreciated!

Events and Conferences

o    Issues, Etc. is planning to sponsor a number of national conferences during the period 2003-2006.

o    Check out the tentative schedule, planned speakers, at the IE Sponsored Conferences and contact
      Jeff Schwarz to discover how you or your congregation can help the planned national conferences
      become a reality in your area.

Listener Support

o    Help form and participate in Issues, Etc. action, discussion, and support groups in your congregation.

o    IE has a plan for expanding its national broadcast ministry - read about the fundamentals of radio ministry.

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