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LCMS Commissions & Offices

Commission on Worship / Grime, Paul

Friends of Mercy  / Sell, Mark

LCMS World Relief / Harrison, Matt

Luther Academy /Preus, Daniel 

Concordia Historical Institute
/ Noland, Martin

Concordia Publishing House / McCain, Paul (Cyberbrethren / Paul McCain)

Concordia Seminary Institute on Lay Vocation / Siemon-Netto, Uwe

Concordia Theological Seminary / Cranach Institute / Veith, Gene Edward

LCMS Seminaries

Concordia Seminary- St. Louis / Nagel, Norman

Concordia Theological Seminary- Fort Wayne / Wenthe, Dean

LCMS Universities and Schools

Concordia Catechetical Academy / Bender, Peter

Concordia University- Ann Arbor / Shuta, Richard

Concordia University- Irvine / Rosenbladt, Rod (The White Horse Inn)

Concordia University- Mequon / Menuge, Angus

Concordia Bible Institute- Mequon / Saleska, John

Concordia Bioethics Institute / Voss, Kevin

Concordia University- River Forest / Schalk, Carl

Zion Lutheran Academy- Fort Wayne / Joel Brondos

LCMS Members/Pastors at Secular Universities

Western Michigan University / Maier, Paul

University of Luton / Canadian Institute for Law, Theology, & Public Policy / Montgomery, John Warwick

University of Wyoming  / Zill, Rev. Marcus

LCMS Members: Apologetics and Reformation Ministries

Chronicles / Wolf, Aaron

Higher Things / Preus, Klemet

Institute for World Religions / Manske, Charles

LCMS Life Ministries / Karner, Maggie

Lutherans For Life / Lamb, James



Baylor University / Beckwith, Frank

Southern Evangelical Seminary / Geisler, Norm

Independent Lutheran

Faith Evangelical Lutheran / House, H. Wayne

Presbyterian Church in America

Covenant Theological Seminary / Peterson, Robert

Southern Baptist Church

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary / Mohler, Albert

United Methodist Church

Drew University- Theological School / Oden, Thomas

Reformed Church

Denver Seminary / Groothuis, Doug


Oxford University- Theology / McGrath, Alister

University of California- Berkeley / Phillip E. Johnson


Alpha and Omega Ministries / White, James

Answers in Action
/ Passantino, Gretchen

Answers in Genesis / Menton, David

Apologetics Information Ministries / Hawkins, Craig

Apologetics Resource Center
/ Branch, Craig

Augustine Fellowship Study Center / Samples, Ken

Christian Answers for the New Age / Montenegro, Marcia

Christian History Magazine / Trafton, Jennifer

Christian Research Journal / Miller, Elliot

Contending for the Faith / Bucker, Jerry 

Discernment Ministry International / Liichow, Bob

Institute for Religious Research / Wilson, Luke

International Task Force on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide / Smith, Wesley

Let My People Think / Zacharias, Ravi

Life Training Institute / Klusendorf, Scott

Mars Hill Audio / Myers, Ken 

Midwest Christian Outreach / Venoit, Don 

Modern Reformation / Horton, Mike (The White Horse Inn)

Mormonism Research Ministry / McKeever, Bill  (New!)

New England Institute for Religious Research / Pardon, Bob

Personal Freedom Outreach / Fisher, Dick

Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries / Rhodes, Ron

Reformation & Revival Ministries / Armstrong, John

Religious Information Center / Abanes, Rich

Renewing Your Mind / Sproul, R.C.

Stand to Reason / Koukl, Greg

Spiritual Counterfeits Project / Brooke, Tal

The Bible Answer Man / Hanegraaff, Hank

The Trinity Forum / Guinness, Os

Watchman Fellowship / Walker, James