Issues, Etc. Sponsored Conferences

Planned for 2003-2006 (tentative)

When & Where

2003- St. Louis

2004- Chicago & San Francisco

2005- Detroit, Minneapolis, & Milwaukee

2006- Cleveland, Des Moines, Fort Wayne, & Dallas

Keynote Topics/Speakers

"American Revivalism Vs. Lutheranism", Todd Wilken

"Theology of Glory Vs. Theology of the Cross", Rod Rosenbladt

"Jesus Vs. Other Religious Leaders", John Warwick Montgomery

Workshop Topics/Speakers

"Promise Keepers or Promise Breakers?", Todd Wilken

"The Reformation of Worship", Rod Rosenbladt

"Defending the Pro-Life Position", John Warwick Montgomery

"From Evangelicalism to Lutheranism", Craig Parton

"Confronting the New Age Movement", Craig Hawkins

"Make Disciples Baptizing", Robert Kolb

"The Ongoing Feast", Art Just

"A Return to Catechesis", Paul McCain

"Postmodernism: A Christian Guide to Contemporary Thought & Culture", Gene Veith

"The Proper Distinction Between Law & Gospel", David Smith

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