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Expanding the Ministry- National and International

Proposed Task- IE broadcast live in the 50 largest U.S. populations centers.

How the Laity and Congregations can help expand IE's ministry:


o Talk to IE executive producer Jeff Schwarz ( 1-800-844-0524 or jbschwarz@empowering.com )
and ask him about:

1) how you or your congregation can assist with upcoming IE Conferences or other events,
2) the status of negotiations with radio stations in the locations of interest,
3) also ask Jeff about congregations in the locations of interest who support the expansion
of the IE ministry, and
4) about the benefits of becoming a congregation which supports IE ministries.

o Talk to a congregation which supports the broadcast ministry of Issues, Etc.

o Compliment local radio station managers which broadcast IE.

o Contact local radio station managers who might consider broadcasting IE.

o Note that some radio station managers are willing to broadcast programs for free (or at lower rates)
in exchange for paid advertisements for programs which will expand the station's listener audience.


o List broadcast times, topics, and upcoming events in church bulletins, newsletters, and district publications.

o Sponsor advertisements in local newspapers.

Write letters of support to:

- KFUO's board of directors (the broadcast home of Issues, Etc.),

- church councils,

- church district presidents,

- the presidents of Aid Association for Lutherans and Lutheran Brotherhood,

o Write letters to the editors of the Lutheran Witness and The Reporter, requesting articles on Issues, Etc.

Spiritual Growth

Church Libraries

o Provide church libraries with the Issues, Etc. Journal, and  Issues, Etc. tapes of Sunday Evening Programs.

o Listen to and participate in Issues, Etc. broadcasts.

o Attend LCMS and Issues, Etc. events.

o Purchase Issues, Etc. tapes and other resources for friends and relatives.

Discussion Groups

o Organize and schedule topics for Issues, Etc. discussion groups.

Fund Raising Projects

o Invite IE program host, Todd Wilken, to speak at a church sponsored event (congregation, district,
Lutheran Laymans League, International Lutheran Women's Missionary League, etc.).

o Invite Issues, Etc. program guests to speak at a church sponsored event.

o Request matching contributions from Thrivent Financial for Lutherans (formed by the merger of Aid Association for Lutherans and Lutheran Brotherhood).

What Works In Your Congregation?

Email or mail ideas to CLL and to Issues, Etc. (jbschwarz@empowering.com), describing successful IE mission expansion efforts.