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1999 - What's New Archives

Program Resources- Articles and Links

Links to reference articles associated with the Sunday Night National Broadcasts:

December 26
"The Incarnation"
Dr. Norman Nagel, Professor of Systematic Theology
Concordia Seminary-St. Louis

Dr. Rod Rosenbladt, Co-Host of The White Horse Inn and
Professor of Systematic Theology and Christian Apologetics

Concordia University-Irvine, CA

Also by Dr. David Scaer "All Theology is Christology"

December 19
"Messianic Prophecy"
Dr. Andrew Bartelt, Professor of Exegetical Theology
Concordia Seminary-St. Louis, MO

Please also see Dr. Edmund Clowney's article "Song of the Servant".

"The Origin & Meaning of Christmas Symbols" 
Gretchen Passantino, Co-Founder
Answers in Action

Check out "Celebrate Christ's Birth" by Gretchen Passantino 

December 12
"The Abortion Debate Focus: Woman or Child?"
Scott Klusendorf, Director of Bioethics
Stand to Reason

Check out these three excellent articles by Scott Klusendorf:

1.     "Five Bad Ways to Argue About Abortion"

2.    "Answering the Theological Case for Abortion Rights"

3.    "A Back-to-School Survival Guide"

"Responding to Heresy"
Dr. H. Wayne House, Distinguished Professor of Biblical Studies and Apologetics
Faith Seminary-Tacoma, WA

Dear Friends of Issues, Etc.,

Do you know someone who would enjoy and benefit from the Issues, Etc. Sunday Night LIVE program?

Do they live in an area that is unable to listen to a Christian talk radio show which features great conversations about current religious issues with leading theologians and prominent Christian authors?

Please email (or telephone) your friends and relatives in any radio market not currently served by Issues, Etc. LIVE broadcasts and tell them the good news!

They can now listen to the
Sunday Night Issues, Etc. programs LIVE over the Internet: 9-11 PM CST at any one of the following Internet sites:.

KFAX in San Francisco - www.kfax.com
KLFE in Seattle - www.kgnw.com 
KKMO in Tacoma - www.kgnw.com 
WYLL in Chicago - www.wyll.com
KKMS in Minneapolis - www.kkms.com

Encourage them to call Don Matzat during the program with their questions and comments.

The following table is a list of the top 25 radio markets in which the LIVE broadcast was unavailable until now:

Top 25 Radio Markets Which Need
  Local Congregations To Sponsor
 LIVE Issues, Etc. Broadcasts
1. New York City 10. Houston 20. Baltimore
2. Los Angeles 11. Miami 22. Tampa
7. Dallas 15. Phoenix 23. Denver
8. Boston 16. San Diego 25. Portland
9. Washington, DC 17. Long Island

Are you wondering where and when Issues, Etc. is currently broadcast?  Check out the Issues, Etc. Station Log.

Please tell a friend or relative about Issues, Etc. - the sooner the better.  (Just copy the top half of this notice to an email.)

We wish you a Blessed Christmas season!

Together In His Service,

Concordia Lutheran Laity

December 5
"Answering Objections to Miracles"
Dr. John Warwick Montgomery, Professor of Law and Christian Apologetics
Trinity College and Theological Seminary

"The Objective Truth Claims of Christianity vs. Other World Religions"
Dr. John Warwick Montgomery, Professor of Law and Christian Apologetics
Trinity College and Theological Seminary

Please check out these articles by Dr. Montgomery:

Plan on attending the Fourth Annual European Summer Study Session of the International Academy of Apologetics, Evangelism & Human Rights in Strasbourg, France during July 11-22, 2000 with a distinguished faculty featuring  J. W. Montgomery, J. P. Moreland, Don Matzat, Craig Hazen, and Craig Parton.

November 28
"Law & Gospel Witnessing"
Rev. Mark Cares, Author
Speaking the Truth in Love to Mormons

Also the article "Effective Evangelism".

"The Use and Abuse of Reason"
Dr. Steven Hein, Headmaster
Shepherd of the Springs Lutheran High School-Colorado Springs, CO

November 21
"The Historicity of the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ"
Dr. Paul Maier, Professor of Ancient History
Western Michigan University

Check out the following articles by Dr. Maier:

"The Work of C. S. Lewis"
Dr. Angus Menuge, Associate Professor of Philosophy
Concordia University-Mequon, WI &
Author, Lightbearer in the Shadowlands

California Friends of Issues, Etc., please note- 

Dr. John Warwick Montgomery, a regular guest on Issues, Etc. will be giving two lectures
at the University of California, Santa Barbara on Tuesday, November 30, 1999: 

 "A Lawyer's Case For Christianity" & "Why Human Rights Are Impossible Without Religion"

November 14
"The Christian Identity Movement"
Rob Bowman, Publications Editor
Watchman Fellowship

"Christian Persecution & Martyrdom"
Dr. David Adams, Executive Director
Office of Government Information for The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

Also see "Persecuted for Christ"

Welcome to WCGR- 88.5 FM on the campus of Concordia University-River Forest:

Issues, Etc. Broadcast Wednesdays,  1-3 P.M. (taped delay).

November 7
"Two Kingdom Theology"
Dr. Gene Edward Veith, Professor of English and Director of the Cranach Institute
Concordia University-Mequon, WI

"For All the Saints Who from Their Labors Rest"
Rev. Henry Gerike, Director
Concordia Seminary Chorus

See Dr. Roger Pittelko's article "Honoring the Saints".

Dear Friend of Issues, Etc.,

We want to hear from you!

What do you like about Issues, Etc.? Who are your favorite guests? What are your favorite topics? Do you have an all-time favorite broadcast? How can we improve the program? And how has Issues, Etc. helped you grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?

Please send us your feedback via one of the following options....

1. E-mail us at issuesetc@kfuo.org.
2. Snail mail us at Issues, Etc., 85 Founders Lane, St. Louis, MO 63105.
3. Fax us at (314) 725-2538.

Your input is deeply appreciated!

Jeff Schwarz
Issues, Etc.


October 31
"The Joint Declaration on Justification"
Rev. Kurt Marquart, Professor of Systematic Theology
Concordia Theological Seminary-Fort Wayne, IN

and consider the LCMS article "A Betrayal of the Gospel" ~ A Statement from The Office of the President.

"Luther on Music"
Dr. Carl Schalk, Emeritus Professor of Church Music
Concordia University-River Forest, IL &
Rev. Henry Gerike, Director
Concordia Seminary Chorus

October 24
"Encounter Groups"
Dr. William Coulson, Director
Research Council on Ethno-Psychology

Also check out Don Matzat's Issues, Etc. Journal articles "Meet Dr. Bill Coulson", "Psychology and Christianity" and "What Is Your Self Image?".

"The Trinity Broadcasting Network"
Bob Liichow, Founder
Inner-City Christian Discernment Ministry

October 17
"True for You, But Not for Me"
Paul Copan, Researcher
Zacharias International Ministries

"Spiritual Warfare"
David Powlison, Author
Power Encounters

October 10
Take a step back in history - read the essay "Through All Generations" by Dr. Gene Edward Veith, Dean of Arts and Sciences, Concordia University, Mequon, Wisconsin.

"Postmodern Movies"
Brian Godawa
Hollywood Screenwriter

The latest edition of "For the Life of the World" magazine contains four great articles on baptism - check it out!

October 3
"Once Saved, Always Saved?"
Dr. George Wollenburg, President
Montana District of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

"Islam vs. Christianity"
Rev. Joseph Gudel
Contributing Editor of the Christian Research Journal and Doctoral Candidate 
Concordia Theological Seminary-Fort Wayne, IN

Do you want to get to know a Muslim friend or acquaintance better?
Check out these two classic articles: "Islam's Worldwide Revival" and "To Every Muslim An Answer" by Joseph Gudel.
You will have something to talk to them about!

September 26
"The Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel"
Dr. Carl Fickenscher, Professor of Homiletics
Concordia Theological Seminary-Fort Wayne, IN

Walther's 25 Theses, an excerpt from Law and Gospel .

"Y2K and Christian Credibility"
Bob and Gretchen Passantino, Co-Founders
Answers in Action

September 19
"Shifting Views of God"
Dr. Mike Horton, Co-Host
The White Horse Inn

Check out the article "Neotheism:  The Dangers of Making God in Our Image" by Norm Geisler.  

September 12
"The Animal Rights Movement"
Dr. Harold O. J. Brown, Director
Center on Religion and Society

"The TV Church"
Dr. Robert Godfrey, President
Westminster Theological Seminary-Escondido, CA

September 5
"The Spirituality of the Cross"
Dr. Gene Edward Veith, Professor of English and Director of the Cranach Institute
Concordia University-Mequon, WI

See the article "Evangelical Catholics and Confessional Evangelicals:  The Ecumenical Polarities of Lutheranism" by Dr. Veith.

"Guide for the Church Shopper"
Rev. Bill Cwirla, Pastor
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church-Hacienda Heights, CA

Welcome!  Two New Affiliate Stations:

WCOG, 1320 AM in Greensboro-High Point, NC: 10 P.M.-Midnight

WTOB, 1380 AM in Winston-Salem, NC: 10 P.M.-Midnight

August 29
"The Faulty Gospel of Robert Schuller"
Rev. Joseph Gudel, Contributing Editor
Christian Research Journal

See also the following article entitled "Christ Is My Worth!" " by Don Matzat.

August 22
"The Roots and Fruits of Evangelicalism"
Kim Riddlebarger, Co-Host
The White Horse Inn

See the following articles:

"A Call for a Second Reformation" by Dr. Mike Horton

"When the Salt Loses Its Savor"  by Dr. Mike Horton.

"Grace Alone:  An Evangelical Problem" by Dr. Kim Riddlebarger.

What is an Evangelical? by Dr. Mike Horton.

"Defending the Truth Claims of Christianity"
Craig Hawkins, President
Apologetics Information Ministry

Apologetic Information I and Apologetic Information II by Craig Hawkins

August 15
"Satanic Ritual Abuse"
Bob and Gretchen Passantino, Co-Founders
Answers in Action

See articles entitled: "The Hard Facts About Satanic Ritual Abuse..." and "Satanic Ritual Abuse in Popular Christian Literature..."

"Jungian Psychology"
Dr. J. Budziszewski, Associate Professor of Government and Philosophy
University of Texas-Austin

See Issues, Etc. Journal articles entitled: "The Intrusion of Psychology into Christian Theology" and "What is Centering?"

August 8
"Defending the Faith in College"
Dr. J. Budziszewski, Associate Professor of Government and Philosophy
University of Texas-Austin

A Skeptical View of Christianity... and  A War of Words... and Is All Faith Blind?...

"The Martial Arts Phenomenon"
Dr. Ron Rhodes, President
Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries

"The Martial Arts Phenomenon I" and "The Martial Arts Phenomenon II"

August 1
Dr. David Scaer, Chairman of the Department of Systematic Theology
Concordia Theological Seminary-Fort Wayne, IN

Please see Luther's Large Catechism on "Baptism" and on "Infant Baptism".

Also the Spring 1997 Issues, Etc. Journal which contains three articles on Baptism.

"Inclusive Language Bibles"
Dr. William Weinrich, Professor of Historical Theology
Concordia Theological Seminary-Fort Wayne, IN

Please see the 1998 LCMS Commission on Theology and Church Relations Report entitled "Biblical Revelation and Inclusive Language" under the section heading "Scripture" (in the PDF* file format).

*  In order to view PDF files, you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader. This software can be downloaded for free from the Adobe Systems web site.

July 25
"Go, My Children, with My Blessing"
Dr. Jaroslav Vjada
Lutheran Hymnwriters

July 18
"A New Ecumenical Statement on The Gospel of Jesus Christ"
Dr. John Armstrong, Director
Reformation & Revival Ministries

July 4
"The Divine Providence of God"
Rev. William Terjesen, Pastor
Our Redeemer Lutheran Church-Peekskill, NY

Divine Providence - Basic Facts 
Divine Providence and Second Causes 
Divine Providence and Sin    
Divine Providence and Free Will   

June 27
"From Judaism to Lutheranism"
Rev. Ed Balfour, Pastor
Redeemer Lutheran Church-Cape Elizabeth, ME

"Luther on Vocation"
Dr. Steven Hein, Headmaster
Shepherd of the Springs Lutheran High School-Colorado Springs, CO

Several Issues, Etc. listeners wanted to read the article Reason and the Two Kingdoms discussed during Pastor Todd Wilken's interview of Dr. Steven Hein on Tuesday, March 2.

Attention Colorado Springs, CO Listeners!!!

Please note the upcoming conference:

What:   "Conference on Classical & Lutheran Education"
Where:  Glen Eyrie Castle in Colorado Springs, CO
When:   Wednesday, June 30 & Thursday, July 1
How:     (719) 598-7446

June 20
"Worldviews in Conflict"
Dr. Norm Geisler, President
Southern Evangelical Seminary-Charlotte, NC

"When the Method Obscures the Message"
Shane Rosenthal, President
Society of Classical Protestants

Over 100 new Best of Issues, Etc. cassette tapes available   - please check them out.

June 13
"The Bible Code"
Ken Samples, President
Augustine Fellowship Study Center

"Answering the Good God & Human Suffering Question"
Bob & Gretchen Passantino, Co-Founders
Answers in Action

Attention Mequon, WI Listeners!!!

Please note the upcoming conference:

What:    "Begotten, Not Made"
             Pastoral Conference on the Ethics of Reproductive Technologies
Where:  Concordia University, 12800 North Lake Shore Drive, Mequon, WI 53097
When:   Monday, June 14 & Tuesday, June 15
How:    (414) 243-4275

June 6
"The Lord's Supper: Gospel, Gift & Eschatological Eucharist"
Dr. Jack Preus, President
Concordia University-Irvine, CA

Articles on the Lord's Supper published by the LCMS President's Office:

The Supper and the Church   &   Fellowship in the Lord's Supper

May 23
"Pagan Spirituality"
Dr. Peter Jones, Professor of New Testament Theology
Westminster Theological Seminary-Escondido, CA

"The Crisis in Christian Publishing"
Dr. Gene Edward Veith, Professor of English and Director of the Cranach Institute
Concordia University-Mequon, WI

May 16
"Can the Religious Right Save America?"
Cal Thomas, Nationally Syndicated Columnist and former vice president of Moral Majority
Co-author of the new book Blinded by Might: Can the Religious Right Save America?

May 9
"Revivalism & the Me Generation"
Dr. John Armstrong, Director
Reformation & Revival Ministries

"Charismatic Witchcraft"
Bob Liichow, Co-founder
Inner-City Christian Discernment Ministry

Link to Four New Articles from Concordia Theological Seminary's For the Life of the World magazine:

"The Prayer that Jesus Gave" by Dr. John Nordling,

"Lord, Remember Us in Your Kingdom, and Teach us to Pray..." by the Rev. Richard Stuckwisch,

"Prayer:  The Voice of Faith" by the Rev. John Pless, and

"Urbanology:  Reflections on Mission for the City" by Dr. Detlev Schulz. 

May 2
"Mormons and Their Temples"
Rev. Mark Sell, Pastor
St. Luke Lutheran Church, Mount Clemens-MI

"Lordship Salvation"
Article entitled "Cardinal Principles of Lutheranism and "Evangelical Theology"
Dr. Karl Barth, President Emeritus
Concordia Seminary-St. Louis

April 25
"A Course in Miracles
Article entitled "New Age Seminars"
John Weldon, Senior Researcher
The Ankerberg Theological Research Institute

"Teenagers and Church Music" - What Do They Really Think?
Dr. Barbara Resch, Professor of Music Education
Indiana-Purdue University-Ft. Wayne

Interview regarding 1995 survey of 500 teenagers- excerpts:

"Pastors, youth directors, parents, teachers, church musicians, and anyone else who works with and cares about teenagers have probably asked at some point: 'How can we keep these kids interested and involved in the Church?'"

"Contrary to expectations, these representative teenagers do not bring to the church service their own musical preferences (e.g., rock and pop music) as the right music for that occasion.  Rather, they tend to accept as appropriate for that context the music that the church has already put in place, whatever that music may be."

"Many expressed a respect for the corporate nature of their worshiping congregations.  One said she made her decisions based on how the 'little old ladies' in her church would react:  'If I thought they would be upset, I said it was not appropriate, because people shouldn't get upset by church music.'   Another wrote:  'This would give my Grandma cardiac arrest, so better not!'" 

Additional References:  Tapes on: Worship, Liturgy and Hymnody

April 18
"A History of the End Times"
Dr. Richard Kyle, Professor of History and Religion
Tabor College-Hillsboro, KS and;
Dr. Robert Clouse, Professor of History
Indiana State University-Terre Haute, IN

Richard Kyle interview, "Hope Beyond the Details"

Robert Clouse article, "Late Great Predictions"

"Is Justification Relevant?"
Dr. Mike Horton, Co-host
"The White Horse Inn"

April 11
"The Modern Search for the Historical Jesus"
Dr. William Lane Craig, Research Professor
Talbot School of Theology-LaMirada, CA

Rev. Joseph Gudel, Doctoral Candidate
Concordia Theological Seminary-Fort Wayne

Attention Milwaukee Listeners!!!  Please note the upcoming conference at Pastor Senkbeil's church...

What:             "Millennial Madness Conference"
When:           Sunday, April 18 - from 3:00 to 5:15 p.m.
Where:          Elm Grove Lutheran Church
                     945 N. Terrace Drive
                     Elm Grove, Wisconsin  53122
Information:   (414) 797-2970

Links to reference hymn and article associated with the Easter Sunday Night National Broadcast on:

April 4
"The Easter Hymn 'Christ Jesus Lay in Death's Strong Bands'"
Rev. Henry Gerike, Director
Concordia Seminary Chorus-St. Louis

"Evidence for the Resurrection"~ Are You Prepared to Give a Defense?
Dr. Rod Rosenbladt, Co-host of "The White Horse Inn" and
Professor of Systematic Theology and Christian Apologetics
Concordia University-Irvine

March 17
"The Deity of Jesus Christ"
Craig Hawkins, President
Apologetics Information Ministry

Bob & Gretchen Passantino, Co-Founders
Answers in Action

March  14
"Liberation Theology"
Dr. Ron Rhodes, President
Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries

"Christian Revolution in Latin America:  The Changing Face of Liberation Theology"

"Black Theology, Black Power, and the Black Experience"

"The Debate Over Feminist Theology:   Which View is Biblical?"

March 7
"Simultaneously Saint & Sinner"
Dr. Mike Middendorf, Assistant Professor of Religion & Biblical Languages
Concordia University-Austin, TX

The LCMS teaching regarding "Simultaneously Saint & Sinner" is still a central point dividing the Roman Catholic Church and The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

Apart from [Rome's Cardinal Edward] Cassidy's remarks, the Vatican's official statement alternately praised and criticized the declaration ["The Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification"].  Although the statement said "a high degree of agreement has been reached" in the Catholic-Lutheran [Lutheran World Federation] dialogue, it pointed out areas of serious difference.

The most important, according to the statement, is the Lutheran belief that a person can be both forgiven by God and yet still be a sinner.  Catholics believe that a person, once forgiven, has an inclination to sin, but is not permanently a sinner in God's eyes.

Lutherans approved the declaration on June 16, in a unanimous decision of the governing council of the Lutheran World Federation.  The federation represents a large majority of Lutherans worldwide.   It does not include, for example, the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

Excerpt from the article "Vatican Settles a Historic Issue With Lutherans", New York Times, June 26, 1998.
Note: The entire article can be obtained for free from the New York Times 365-day archive using the keyword "Lutheran".

"Approaching the New Millennium"
Dr. Paul Raabe, Professor of Old Testament
Concordia Seminary-St. Louis

February 21, 1999
"Legislating Morality"
Dr. John Warwick Montgomery, Professor of Apologetics and Law
Trinity College and Theological Seminary 

"The Integration of Law and Theology" 
Dr. John Warwick Montgomery, Professor of Apologetics and Law
Trinity College and Theological Seminary 

Link to the J. W.. Montgomery's International Academy of Apologetics, Evangelism & Human Rights

February 14, 1999
"Cults & World Religions"- Link to Watchman's 1998 Index of Cults and Religions
James Walker, President
Watchman Fellowship

"An Answer to the Hypocrisy Excuse"
Ken Samples, Director Publications
Reasons to Believe 

February 7, 1999
"Reclaiming the Doctrine of Justification"
Dr. Rod Rosenbladt
Co-host of The White Horse Inn and
Professor of Systematic Theology and
Christian Apologetics Concordia University-Irvine, CA 

For the Life of the World - Four articles from the magazine.
A Quarterly Publication of Concordia Theological Seminary-Fort Wayne

Comments, questions, and suggestions?
Contact Managing Editor Pam Knepper at
pam_knepper@ctsfw.edu or (219) 452-2227

To be added to the magazine's mailing list,
contact Rev. Scott Klemsz at klemsz@ctsfw.edu or (219) 452-2150

"Through All Generations"
Dr. Gene Edward Veith, Dean of Arts and Science
Concordia University-Mequon, WI

"The Creed Defines the Scriptures and Strengthens the Faith"
Rev. Peter Bender, Pastor
Peace Lutheran Church-Sussex, WI

"Creeds, What Are They About?"
Rev. Dr. Roger Pittelko, Adjunct Professor of  Pastoral Ministry & Missions
Concordia Theological Seminary-Fort Wayne

"The Creeds: Walking in the Faith of our Fathers"
Rev. Dr. Detlev Schultz
Concordia Theological Seminary-Fort Wayne

February 10, 1999

What's New Archives- 1998 Sunday Night program resources- articles and links

February 2, 1999

Church Shopping?

Visit our new Sunday Night Program sponsor in the Milwaukee Area - Pilgrim Lutheran Church.

Are you wondering what are the benefits of sponsoring Issues, Etc.? 

January 5, 1999

Welcome!   Two New Affiliate Stations:

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