A List of the Best* Issues, Etc. Cassettes

Hot Topics! Great Guests! Insightful Conversation!

Over 100 New Cassette tapes posted on 6/1/999

The List of Topics:

Alternative Medicine / Apologetics / Baptism

Characteristics of God / Charismatic Issues / Church Festivals

Christianity & Culture / Christian Doctrine / Christian Education

Cults, Sects, World Religions and The Occult / End-Time Issues

Eschatology / Evangelical Revivalism / Faith / Feminism and Multiculturalism / Gnosticism / Holy Communion

Islam / Justification / Lutheran Issues and Theology / Marriage and Sexuality / Numerology

Polemics / Postmodernism / Prayer / Promise Keepers / Psychology and Christianity

Recovered Memory Therapy / Reformation Theology Versus Evangelicalism / Roman Catholicism

Sanctification / Social, Moral and Cultural Issues / Theology of Glory vs. Theology of the Cross

The Ecumenical Movement / The New Age Movement and Cyberspace / The New Liberals / The Old Liberals

The Priesthood of all Believers & The Office of the Holy Ministry / The State of Christian Publishing / The Way International

Toronto Blessing and The Pensacola Revival / Worship, Liturgy and Hymnody

Note: cassette number (9y-mmdd-A or B) corresponds to the year, month, day, and
first or second hour of broadcast.

* As listed in the Fall 1997, Winter 1998, Spring 1998, & Fall 1998 Issues, Etc. Journals