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New Section & New Cassette Tapes: 6/1/99

The Ecumenical Movement

8-0930-A: "Regensburg I & II," R. Scott Clark, Westminster Seminary

8-1001-B: "The Myth of Ecumenical Influence," Robert Godfrey, Westminster Seminary

8-1004-A: "ELCA Ecumenicity," Paul McCain, President’s Office of the LCMS & Richard

Muller, Concordia Theological Seminary

8-1005-B: "The Ecumenical Movement in the 20th Century," Paul Schaefer, Grove City College

The New Age Movement and Cyberspace

6-0204-B: "Gnosticism," Peter Jones, Westminster Seminary

6-0324-B: "New Age Teachings & Practices," Elliot Miller, Christian Research Institute

6-0623-A: "The Teachings of M. Scott Peck," H. Wayne House, Michigan Theological Seminary

6-0915-A: "Visualization", H. Wayne House, Michigan Theological Seminary

6-1215-B: "Testing the Spirits," Elizabeth Hillstrom, Wheaton College

7-0126-B: "Spirit Wars," Peter Jones, Westminster Seminary

7-0304-A: "The Soul in Cyberspace," Doug Groothuis, Denver Seminary

7-0316-A: "Reincarnation," Ken Samples, Augustine Fellowship Study Center

7-0514-A: "Virtual Gods," Tal Brooke, Spiritual Counterfeits Project

7-0615-B: "Transpersonal Psychology," Craig Branch, Watchman Fellowship

7-1102-B: "Eastern Mysticism vs. Christianity," Craig Hawkins, Apologetics Information Ministries

7-1111-A: "EST Seminars," Paul Derengowski, Watchman Fellowship

7-1130-B: "Holistic Healing," Paul Reisser, "New Age Medicine"

7-1204-A: "The New Age View of God," Frank Beckwith, Trinity Graduate School

7-1209-A: "Energies of Mind & Body," Ron Rhodes, Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries

7-1210-B: "The Teachings of Andrew Weil," Brooks Alexander, Spiritual Counterfeits Project

7-1211-A: "The Celestine Prophecy," Marcia Montenegro, Christian Answers for the New Age

8-0113-B: "New Age Education," Craig Branch, Watchman Fellowship

8-0215-A: "New Age Books," Craig Hawkins, Apologetics Information Ministries

8-0218-A: "Enneagrams," Mitch Pacwa, "Catholics & The New Age"

8-0408-B: "Touched By An Angel," Berit Kjos, "A Twist of Faith"

New Cassette Tapes: 6/1/99

8-0823-B: "Energetic Medicine," Ron Rhodes, Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries

8-0527-B: "The Temptations of Deepak Chopra," Bill Alnor, Eastern Christian Outreach

8-0701-A: "The Celestine Prophecy," John Moore, Spiritual Counterfeits Project

8-0924-A: "The Alpha Course," Dick Fisher, Personal Freedom Outreach

8-0927-A: "Hollywood New Age Guru Marianne Williamson," Ron Rhodes, Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries

8-1013-A: "The Hard Facts About Satanic Ritual Abuse," Gretchen Passantino, Answers in Action

8-1012-B: "Astrology: It Healthy?," Charles Strohmer, "America’s Fascination with Astrology"

8-1020-B: "New Age Guru Deepak Chopra," Jason Barker, Watchman Fellowship

The New Liberals

6-0310-B: "Marketing the Gospel?" Rod Rosenbladt, The White Horse Inn

6-0505-B: "The Church Growth Movement," Kurt Marquart, Concordia Theological Seminary

6-0728-A: "Theology of Glory vs. Theology of the Cross," Craig Parton, Wittenberg Society

6-0915-A: "Visualization," H. Wayne House, Michigan Theological Seminary

6-1215-A: "Breaking with the Idols of Our Age," Os Guinness, Trinity Forum

7-0309-A: "Pietism: Past & Present," Ron Feuerhahn, Concordia Seminary

7-0504-B: "Experience-Driven Spirituality," Craig Hawkins, Apologetics Information Ministries

7-0622-B: "Crossless Pietism," Craig Parton, Wittenberg Society

7-0810-A: "Culturally Relevant Christianity," Ken Myers, Mars Hill Audio

7-0824-A: "The Sentimentality of Pop Christianity," Mike Horton, Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

7-0914-B: "Seeker Sensitive Worship," Kim Riddlebarger, The White Horse Inn &
Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"

8-0208-A: "Guiltless Good News," Mike Horton, Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

8-0209-B: "Christian Experience vs. Christ," John Robbins, Trinity Foundation

8-0303-A: "Crossless Christianity," John Pless, University Lutheran Chapel

8-0323-B: "A Lutheran Response to the Evangelical Challenge," Harold Senkbeil, Elm Grove Lutheran Church

8-0419-A: "Christianity Lite," David Wells, Gordon-Conwell Seminary

8-0503-A: "The Church: Hospital or Gymnasium?" Ken Schurb, President's Office of The LCMS

8-0524-A: "The Megachurch Movement," Os Guinness, Trinity Forum

New Cassette Tapes: 6/1/99

8-0920-A/B: "Fighting Liberalism in the Church," Jim Barnes, Biblical Witness Fellowship, Jim Heidinger, Good News, and Doug LeBlanc, Episcopalians United

8-0923-A: "Creating God in the Image of Man," Norm Geisler, Southern Evangelical Seminary

8-0928-B: "LCMS Pastor Visits ELCA Seminary," Fred Baue, Gloria Dei Lutheran Church

8-0510-A: "Re-Imagining Revival," Gretchen Passantino, Answers in Action & Diane Knippers, Institute on Religion & Democracy

8-0702-B: "The Jesus Seminar," Brad Scott, Golden Gate University

The Old Liberals

5-1224-B: "The Jesus Seminar," J.P. Moreland, Talbot School of Theology

6-0428-A: "Testimony of a Former Liberal," Thomas Oden, Drew University

8-0204-B: "The Higher Critical Method of Biblical Interpretation," Robert Stein, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

8-0331-B: "The Gospel of Thomas," James White, Alpha & Omega Ministries

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