What are the Benefits of Issues, Etc. Sponsorship?



1. Commercials aired each week during "Issues, Etc." The commercials inform the local listening audience about your congregation.

2. Weekly two hour cassettes of "Issues, Etc." programs provided for your church library.

3. Ten extra quarterly "Issues, Etc." Journals for your library.

4. Church's name, pastor (s), church mailing address, phone number, and hyperlink to church web site (where applicable) listed on the "Issues, Etc." website (www.issuesetc.org).

5. Church contact information listed in the "Issues, Etc." Journal.

6. Todd Wilken is available to speak/preach at your congregation. Todd will promote the conference/worship services during the weekly national radio broadcast. We will also mail a personal invitation from Todd to all "Issues, Etc." Journal subscribers in your listening area.

*** Sponsorship package ranges from $50-$250 per week (depending upon the market size and signal strength of the local affiliate).

How  Your Congregation Can Sponsor "Issues, Etc."

1. Check the "Issues, Etc." affiliate list. If the program is currently airing in your area, contact Jeff Schwarz at 1-800-844-0524 regarding the cost of sponsoring "Issues, Etc."

2. If "Issues, Etc." is not currently airing in your area, contact Jeff Schwarz at 1-800-844-0524 about current negotiations with a potential affiliate.

Please help us to continue and to expand this unique Worldwide Listener-Sponsored Ministry


The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod.

If you want information on how your Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod congregation can sponsor Issues, Etc.,
please contact Jeff Schwarz at 1-800-844-0524.

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