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Program Resources- Articles and Links

Links to reference articles associated with the Sunday Night National Broadcasts:

June 28, 1998
"Bait and Switch Evangelism"
Read Rev. Ronald Marshall's article entitled
"Deathly Evangelism"
- provided for your convenience with the author's permission from Semper Reformanda

July 15
"Convention of The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod"
Read Don Matzat's Essay "Evangelism in a Postmodern Age"

September 20
"Fighting Liberalism in the Church"
Rev. James Heidinger
Editor, Good News Magazine
United Methodist Church, and;

Doug LeBlanc
Editor, United Voice
A publication of Episcopalians United, and;

Rev. Jim Barnes
President of the Board of Directors, Biblical Witness Fellowship
United Church of Christ

October 4
"The Ecumenical Decisions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America"

The Office of the President of The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod

"Joint Lutheran/Roman Catholic Declaration on Justification: A Response"

Concordia Theological Quarterly, 62 (April 1998), pp. 83-106.

"A Formula of Agreement: A Theological Assessment"

Concordia Theological Quarterly, 62 (April 1998), pp. 107-124.

Rev. Paul McCain, Assistant to the President
The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod; and

Dr. Richard Muller, Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology
Concordia Theological Seminary- Fort Wayne

October 4
"Pietism: Past & Present"
"The Roots and Fruits of Pietism"
Pieper Lectures 1998, Concordia Historical Institute & The Luther Academy
Dr. Ronald Feuerhahn, Professor of Historical Theology
Concordia Seminary- St. Louis

"Liturgy and Pietism: Then and Now" 
Pieper Lectures 1998, Concordia Historical Institute & The Luther Academy
Rev. John Pless, Pastor
University Lutheran Chapel- Minneapolis

October 25
Reformation Sunday Celebration
Courtesy of For the Life of the World
A quarterly journal published by Concordia Theological Seminary- Fort Wayne

Campus Ministry

"Confessing the Faith in College" by Pam Knepper

Reformation Hymnody

"A Mighty Fortress Is Our God" by Martin Luther

November 15
"The Personnel Power of Anthony Robbins"
Read Ron Rhodes' article entitled "Anthony Robbins and the Quest for Unlimited Power"
- provided for your convenience by The Spiritual Counterfeits Project

"Alleged Trips to Heaven & Hell"
Rev. Bob Liichow, Director
Inner-City Christian Discernment Ministry

November 22
"Bach as Fifth Evangelist"
Dr. John Warwick Montgomery, Professor of Apologetics and Law
Trinity College and Theological Seminary- Newburgh, IN

Dr. Montgomery is the General Editor for a new publication called the Global Journal of Classical Theology.

Dr. Montgomery is a Professor in Residence at the Third Annual European Summer Session of the International Academy of Apologetics, Evangelism & Human Rights to be held in Strasbourg, France, July 6-17, 1999.  Students, there is still time to take advantage of free scholarships.

December 5
"Angels:  Fact & Fiction"
Dr. Ron Rhodes, President
Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries

December 27
"Scientology:  A Religious Mafia?"
Bob Minton, Board Member
Fight Against Coercive Tactics Network, Inc