Issues, Etc. Journal - Fall 1997 - Vol. 2 No. 5

Apologetics In A Postmodern Age

The Challenge of Postmodernity

Introduction by Don Matzat:

What makes the truth claims of Christianity any different or any more credible than the truth claims of competing religion, New Age gurus, or popular cults? Should we be ready to defend the truth of Christianity against these competing "truths"?

We are living in an age of relativism. Pontius Pilate asked our Lord Jesus the question "What is truth?" We ask the same question today. Is there such a thing as absolute truth? The issue is no longer truth versus untruth, belief versus unbelief, or faith versus doubt. We are dealing with a postmodern world that speaks of "competing truths." The question is, what makes our truth claims any different from the truth-claims of any other religion, cult, or New Age group? Were the claims of Jesus Christ and His disciples any more legitimate than the claims of the "Heavens Gate guru" and his disciples? If so, what is the difference?

In this edition of the Issues, Etc. Journal, we will examine this vital apologetic concern. May the material that follows help you understand this age and confront those who believe that truth is relative.


From the Fall 1997 Issues, Etc. Journal:


by Don Matzat

I. Postmodernity

o Disillusioned Rationalists
o When Did the Shift Occur?

II. The Postmodern Mentality

o Truth is Subjective: It is True If it Works For Me!
o Rejecting the "Truth Mongers"

III. Postmodern Spirituality

o Do Not Criticize!
o Jesus is Included! But Which Jesus?
o Spiritual Science
o The Best of Times; The Worst of Times

IV. Proclaiming and Defending the Faith

o The "Heaven’s Gate" Presuppositions
o Fideism in an Age of Relativism
o Evidence is Not Relative!
o Begin with Jesus!


Article by LCMS President Barry:

Issues Impacting the Synod: Postmodernism (President's Newsletter, February 1998, pages 3-6)

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