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Volume 1, Number 1

The Blueprint for the Gospel

These are the basic events of the Gospel. But what do these events mean?  The answer to that question is called the doctrine of Justification. by Todd Wilken

Volume 1, Number 2

The Six Commandments of the Boomers

Worldviews do have consequences.  No less consequential is the worldview of a generation of Americans born after World War II ó the Baby Boomer generation. by Todd Wilken

Volume 1, Number 3

The Gospel in the Background

The Church has been given the clear command to proclaim the Gospel.  If the Church does nothing else, she ought to do that. Moreover, everything else the Church does do ought to be driven by, and oriented toward that proclamation of the Gospel.  by Todd Wilken

Volume 1, Number 4

Doctrine AND Practice

It is popular in the Church today to isolate doctrine and practice from one another. Doctrine, it is said, is a matter of substance. But practice, it is said, is a matter of style. Practice is viewed as doctrinally neutral. But this is a serious error that ignores the relationship between doctrine and practice. And like all errors, this one has consequences. by Todd Wilken

Volume 1, Number 4

Responding to Real Absence Arguments

For the last 2,000 years, the vast majority of Christians have believed in the Real Presence.  Today the vast majority of Christians still believe this teaching. Why?  Because this is precisely what Jesus taught His disciples at the first Lordís Supper.  by Todd Wilken

Volume 2, Number 1

The Theology of the Cross: Cross Shaped Theology

Theology is nothing more than ideas about God. Everyone has ideas about God. Everyone is a theologian.  But that doesnít mean that everyone is a good theologian. In fact, by nature, we are all lousy theologians.  by Todd Wilken

Issues, Etc. Journals- Contents

November 1995, Vol. 1 No. 1

Greetings From Issues, Etc. and Don Matzat

The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

When confronted with strange "spiritual" movements and experiences, how can we identify the genuine work of the Holy Spirit? by Don Matzat

The Corruption of Modern Evangelicalism

Have Evangelicals sold their Gospel birthright in order to appear relevant in a secular culture? by Os Guinness

December 1995, Vol. 1 No. 2

What is Truth?

Dead? Wounded? Or Merely Uninformed?

What is the human condition? How we answer that question will determine our position on the vital truth of "justification by grace through faith" by Don Matzat

Thoughts on the Subject of Total Depravity

What is meant by the doctrine of "original sin?" What is the extent of human inability? by John Warwick Montgomery

January 1996, Vol. 1 No. 3

Picky, Picky, Picky. . .

Revival or Apostasy?

The Promise Keepers movement has become a point of controversy. Is it a sign of Holy-Spirit led revival in our land, or is it evidence of a falling away from sound doctrine? by Don Matzat

"What Think Ye of the Promise Keepers?"

Thoughts from: Lutheran Professor Robert Newton; Baptist Pastor John Armstrong; and Reformed Theologian Kim Riddlebarger.

February 1996, Vol. 1 No. 4

Word and Spirit

Be Filled with the Spirit?

Are you a "Spirit-filled" Christian? What does the designation, "Spirit-filled" mean? How do you become "Spirit-filled"? by Don Matzat

The "Lighter Side" of Issues, Etc.

The spontaneous humor and embarrassment of live, call-in, talk radio.

March 1996, Vol. 1 No. 5

The Gospel of Jesus Christ

The Life-Changing Power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the essence of Christianity, yet many Christians are unable to define the Gospel. by Don Matzat

Doing Whatcha Can with Whatcha Got . . .

Who profits from contributions to Issues, Etc.?

Why Promote Reformation Theology?

The rise of Evangelicalism has undermined many of the great truths of the Reformation. A return to Reformation theology is a return to biblical truth. by Don Matzat

April 1996, Vol. 1 No. 6

What is "Church Growth?"

Part One - "Working out with the Word of God."

Do You Need Spiritual Exercise?

There is no doubt that God desires his church to grow, but what does that mean? The Bible speaks of spiritual growth. Are you growing spiritually? If not, what can you do about it? by Don Matzat

What Is Apologetics, And How Is It Done?

Do we simply speak the truth of God's Word, or should we also be ready and willing to defend that truth against error and deception? Thoughts from Dr. Rod Rosenbladt, professor of Systematic theology and Christian Apologetics at Concordia University, Irvine, California. by Dr. Rod Rosenbladt

May/June 1996, Vol. 1 No. 7

The Vision and Needs of Issues, Etc.

The big picture.

"Word" Problems

Part Two - "Working out with the Word of God."

Meditating upon the Word of God

There are many forms of meditation. What does it mean to meditate upon the Word of God? How is it done? by Don Matzat

A Dictionary of Biblical and Theological Terms (Parts One & Two combined)

A simple, concise dictionary of often used theological terms.

July/August 1996, Vol. 1 No. 8

Why Doctrine?

Martin Luther and The Doctrine of Predestination

The concept of "predestination" has confused and separated Christians for generations. How did Martin Luther deal with this doctrine? by Don Matzat

A Dictionary of Biblical and Theological Terms (Parts One and Two combined)

A simple, concise dictionary of often used theological terms.

September 1996, Vol. 1 No. 9

Secular Disciplines


The Intrusion of Psychology into Christian Theology

A three-part discussion of the threat that modern psychology poses to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. by Don Matzat

Part 1. Sin and Self-Esteem
Part 2. Encountering "Encounter"
Part 3. Psychological Mysticism

October 1996, Vol. 1 No. 10

What You Define is What You Get!

Feelings, Emotions, and Christian Truth

What is the relationship between biblical truth, faith, and feelings? How do they fit together? by Don Matzat

Recommended Resources

A listing of helpful magazines, journals, and newsletters dealing with issues of theology and apologetics.

Free of Charge (but not free of cost!)

Thank you for your gifts of support.

November 1996, Vol. 2 No. 1

Is Theology Difficult?

What is Your Self-Image?

What is an accurate self-image for Christians? How should we respond to a culture marked by focus upon self and the pursuit of self-esteem? by Don Matzat

Meet Dr. Bill Coulson

Thoughts from the man who, together with Carl Rodgers, pioneered the practice of "encounter groups". by Bill Coulson

December 1996, Vol. 2 No. 2

The Deception of Experience

Possession or Suggestion?

Did Jesus defeat the works of the devil, or can a Christian who believes in Jesus still be possessed by demons? by Don Matzat

How Martin Luther Dealt with the Devil

Thoughts from the Reformer on how to handle the assaults of the devil. by Martin Luther

Spring 1997, Vol. 2 No. 3

Doctrines that Disturb

In Defense of Infant Baptism

What does the Bible teach about the subject of baptizing infants? by Don Matzat

BAPTISM AND FAITH: Just Whose Work Is It?

Our salvation, new birth and eternal life are all gifts of God's grace. by Dr. Richard Shuta

Infant Baptism in Early Church History

What was the witness of the church fathers to the baptism of infants? by Dennis Kastens

Summer 1997, Vol. 2 No. 4

Have You "Been Saved?"

Saved By God Alone!

Salvation is the work of God alone. It is "not works, lest any man should boast." by Don Matzat

The Disturbing Legacy of Charles Finney

No man has been more responsible for distorting the Gospel in our age than Charles Finney. by Dr. Mike Horton

Walther and Finney

Comparing the Law/Gospel understanding of Dr. C.F.W. Walther and Charles G. Finney. by Dr. Tom Baker

Fall 1997, Vol. 2 No. 5

The Challenge of Postmodernity

Apologetics in a Postmodern Age

What makes the truth claims of Christianity any different or more credible than the truth claims of competing religions, New Age gurus, or popular cults? Should we be ready to defend the truth of Christianity against these competing "truths". by Don Matzat

The Best of Issues, Etc.

A catalogue of Issues, Etc. audio tapes offering discussion of the relevant theological issues confronting the church today

Winter 1998, Vol. 2 No. 6


Understanding Movements

Inside Look at the Promise Keepers

Who are the "Promise Keepers" and what do they believe? A firsthand report. by Don Matzat

The "‘Snake on a Pole" Issue

How might the elders of Israel have responded to Moses "lifting up the serpent in the wilderness." by Don Matzat

Four Movements

Four movements from the past. by Don Matzat

The Best of Issues, Etc.

A catalogue of Issues, Etc. audio tapes offering discussion of the relevant theological issues confronting the church today

Spring 1998, Vol. 3 No. 1


Cultural Relevance

The New Liberals

The new liberals believe the Bible is true but, as the old liberals, are driven by cultural relevance. by Don Matzat

Hitting for the Cycle

How does preaching Law and Gospel produce the Christian life? by Don Matzat

What is Centering?

Borrowing from the New Age. by Don Matzat

The Best of Issues, Etc.

A catalogue of Issues, Etc. audio tapes offering discussion of the relevant theological issues confronting the church today

Fall 1998, Vol. 3 No. 2


The Pew versus the Sanctuary

Some are focusing on the pew while others are focusing on the sanctuary. by Don Matzat

Marketing the Message

If we want people to "like" our churches, we must be careful what we teach. by Don Matzat

A Theology of Glory and a Theology of the Cross

Everyday in every way we are getting better and better. Really? by Don Matzat

The Best of Issues, Etc.

A catalogue of Issues, Etc. audiotapes offering discussion of the relevant theological issues confronting the church today.