The Easter Hymn

With high delight Let us unite

by George Vetter

Stanza 1
With high delight Let us unite
In songs of sweet jubilation.
You pure in heart, Each take your part,
Sing Jesus Christ, our salvation.
To set us free Forever, he
Is risen and sends To all earth's ends
Good news to save every nation.

Stanza 2
True God, he first From death has burst
Forth into life, all subduing.
His enemy Shall vanquished lie;
His death has been death's undoing.
"And yours shall be Like victory
O'er death and grave," Said he, who gave
His life for us, life renewing.

Stanza 3
Let praises ring; Give thanks, and bring
To Christ our Lord adoration.
His honor speed By word and deed
To every land, every nation.
So shall his love Give us above,
From misery And death set free,
All joy and full consolation.

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