20 Reasons Why I Believe in the Real Presence
Harry Madsen

  1. The Holy Spirit inspired these exact words to be written four times the same.

  2. They were the foundation of a new doctrine.  Newly established doctrines are always clear.

  3. Grammatically correct usage of "is" is attributed to our omniscient Lord.

  4. Our much recited Athanasian Creed acknowledges the superimposition of "substance".

  5. Our annually recited Athanasian Creed acknowledges belief in the "incomprehensible".

  6. Elsewhere in Scripture, we also accept the presence of the unseen with the seen, as with the Holy Spirit dove.

  7. When Christ spoke in figures, He or His Word explained the figures.

  8. Christ recited the words with his own lips twice, and in exactly the same way.

  9. Christ who walked on earth recited the words knowing they would later include judgment for false use.

  10. The glorified Christ used the same words from his heavenly throne without any hint of metaphor.

  11. The custom of Scripture is to add clear passages to explain the unclear.  No contrary explanation is found.

  12. The norm of judgment in doctrines cannot be ambiguous.

  13. Peter says in 2 Peter 1:20 that Scripture is not of private interpretation.

  14. Ambiguity and truth are mutually exclusive.

  15. This was the last will and testament of our Lord.

  16. When Jesus spoke he knew he was facing death and that it was not time to mince words.

  17. The very word "sacrament" means "mystery".

  18. Grammatically the word "this" points to the "body" that follows, not the "bread" that precedes it.

  19. Mark and Luke heard the words from others, showing that this was wide spread apostolic teaching.

  20. As Augustine taught, it was the practice of Paul and the other apostles to use clear unambiguous words.

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