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During seven years of hosting Issues, Etc., I’ve talked to a lot of people.  But recently I talked with two listeners who reminded me again of why I am sitting behind the microphone.

Courtney Kuntz is a 22-year old woman headed to Harvard University to study for a Master’s degree:

I have been listening to Issues, Etc. for the past two and a half years and when I found out there was a master's program in Christianity and Culture, I thought that would cover the issues that I have loved to listen to for the last few years.  Issues, Etc. has given me the confidence to apply to Harvard knowing that I've been taught trustworthy teaching from God's Word.

 Dennis Rogers is long-time Issues Etc. listener and a convert to Christianity from the Baha’i faith:

I had some contact with some of the other Christian radio stations.  I had more difficulty with Issues, Etc. because you had more of a foundation than those other radio stations.  It seemed to be more intellectual.  It seemed to have a lot more on the academic end of it.  I said I need to talk to someone and I needed to talk to someone bad.  I'm really having a lot of problems here.  And I couldn't talk to the Baha’is because they weren't going to be sympathetic and you were my only contacts that I had within the Christian community that had the intellect that I needed to discuss these things.

I needed a reminder that Issues Etc. , Talk Radio for the Thinking Christian, really does make a difference for our listeners. 

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